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Ravi Shastri said the reason why Team India did so disappointing in the T20 World Cup

India and Namibia face off in the 42nd match of the ICC T20 World Cup 2021, which is the final match of India captain Virat Kohli as T20 captain and Ravi Shasti as coach. Prior to the match, Ravi Shastri shared his experience as a Team India coach and also revealed the main reason why India did not do well in the tournament.

Ravi Shastri said of Team India’s disappointing performance, “I do not want to give an excuse but the players have been in the bio-bubble for the past 6 months. They are people, not machines. Even between the IPL and T20 World Cup It must have been different.”

Shastri also urged all cricket boards and the ICC to prepare for the future calendar in the right way. He added, “Not only the BCCI but all cricket boards and the ICC should consider making a schedule to see the bio boom. There is also a possibility that players may refuse to play due to mental fatigue.


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