New Delhi. One day before the Pro Kabaddi League is about to start. The 12-team tournament kicks off on December 22. Last year could not be fixed due to Corona. All 8 league season matches have been played in Bangalore. Based on the Corona, this time it is designed without fans. So far only 5 teams have won the tournament. The Patna Pirates have taken the title several times. Before the competition, we tell you about special rules for teams, players and sports. With this you will be able to understand the game easily.

Rule 1: For a group

A team can have at least 10 players on a game day. It is important to have an outside player in them. Only 7 players can land on the field. Some players have remained as extras.

Rule 2: Time to Same

The game lasts 40 minutes. It will be divided into two 20-20 minute sessions. A 5 minute break will be given between half the time. At the end of the break, the part of both teams is changed.

Rule 3: The Goal Plan

Each player of the opposing team will get one point out of the game. For all exits, the team will be given 2 extra points. If the shooter is caught by 3 or fewer defenders, the defense team will receive a bonus.

Rule Fourth: Time Is Up

In this game, both teams can take up to 90 seconds. This trip can be taken by the captain, coach or any other player after the referee’s permission. Then the match will start immediately from where it was stopped. If a player is injured in a game, a player or actor can give them time to lose. It’s different from the time out on the team.

Rule 5: Exchange

Each team is allowed to take only 5 entrants per game. In order to obtain a successor, the pilot must obtain a permit from the judge. An additional player may not be included in lieu of a player who is out or suspended.

Rule Six: Bonus Points

If the raider crosses the bonus line, they will be given points. If the shooter is caught before crossing the line, the opposing team will get a point.

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Rule 7: Results

At the end of the game, each team with the most points will be considered the winner. The player who gets the most points in each game is called a raider.

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