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President Cup Shooting Championship man bhaker and Javad Foroughi win air pistol mixed team gold


Wroclaw. Indian star striker Manu Bhaker along with Iranian Olympic champion Javad Foroughi made the mark in the first ISSF President’s Cup. Indians and Iranians win gold medal in the 10m air pistol mix team. The duo defeated Matilde Lamoulle of France and Artem Chernosov of Russia 16-8.

Two of Manu and Forogi were third after qualifying with 582 goals out of 600. In the first semi-final, they reached the final of the top 4 teams. The second semi-final was won by Lamole and Artem.

Saurabh and Garber both finished 7th
Among the other Indians, Abhishek Verma and Olena Kostevich of Ukraine finished sixth, while Saurabh Chowdhary and Heidi Garber D of Switzerland finished seventh.

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Two of Slovakia’s Yashaswini Deswal and Juraj T finished 10 of the 12 teams. In the 10m rifle competition, Lihao Heng of China and Laura Georgeta Lilly of Romania won gold medals.

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