Diabetes Day: Friends, on World Diabetes Day, today we are talking about diabetes. On the contrary, there is a remarkable phenomenon with diabetes in India. Until the onset of diabetes mellitus, we not only take it sparingly, but also begin to neglect it constantly. There are two types of people who do this, first of all they are careless in themselves, even after the age of 40, they do not look at their blood sugar, they have high blood sugar, when their body is repeatedly repeated Even when they start giving. symptoms, although his sleep has not been broken and the consequences of this negligence are very serious.

Now as for other species, they do not know what diabetes is, what its symptoms are, what harmful effects it can cause, and what precautions we can take to avoid it. As a result, in today’s health podcast, we present what are the signs of diabetes, signs or symptoms that begin to affect the body in the event of diabetes. Apart from this, today we will talk about when we should get tested for diabetes. As soon as any system appears, we should get tested for diabetes or any combination symptoms, we should go to a pathology laboratory.

When we see or hear serious symptoms of diabetes, we should go to a laboratory. What is high blood sugar and low blood sugar, what is the difference between high blood sugar and low blood sugar, what are the symptoms of the two and how do they differ from each other. How can high or low sugar damage our body? At the same time, how dangerous diabetes can be for those who ignore diabetes. To answer any questions about diabetes, Drs. Ambareesh Mithal, Chair, Max Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetes are with us today.

In today’s Healthy Pod Cast, listen to Dr. Abrish Mithal on diabetes related questions…


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