New Delhi. The country’s largest public offering (IPO) was launched today, November 8, 2021. One97 Communication, the parent company of digital payment company Paytm has brought in a public donation of Rs 18,300 crore. The Paytm (Paytm IPO) account was registered 18 percent so far on the first day of the IPO launch. The company has offered 4.83 crore shares in this promotion. Let us tell you that the Paytm IPO will end on November 10, 2021.

Businesses have received 73 percent of the share reserved for Paytm IPO vendors. At the same time, of the corporate banking sector, only 6 percent were disbursed. Other than this, only 2 percent of the share reserved for non-corporate fundraisers (HNIs) is provided. Sections 1.31 crore were stored in the HNIs.

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For those whose portion is reserved
Eligible Institutional Buyers (QIBs) require 16.78 lakh shares under the Paytm account. 2.63 crore shares were reserved for them. Alternatively, 75% of Paytm accounts are reserved for eligible customers. 15% is reserved for those with a large income and 10% for retail sales.

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10 times the amount they received from investors
Paytm has raised 45 per cent or Rs 8,235 crore from anchor holders in a total IPO of Rs 18,300 crore. 10 times the ad has been received in the category reserved for investors. About 75 investors did this. Paytm’s Anchor vendors include several bluechip depositors including BlackRock, CPPIB, Birla Mutual Fund and GIC.

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How is the stock price going in the gray market
Gray Market Premium (GMP) for Paytm IPO in unselected market runs at Rs 150. Corporate price is Rs 2080-2150. As a result, unspecified shares are selling at Rs 2300 (2150 + 150) in the gray market. Paytm has banned pre-IPO financial plans due to price differences. Vijay Shekhar Sharma, chief executive and CEO of parent company Paytm One 97, is about to sell shares of Rs 402.65 crore through retail sales.

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