The Consimer Commission has ordered Telangana State North Power Distribution Company Limited (TSNPCL) to pay Rs 5 lakh ex-gratia each for two people who died after being electrocuted.

The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in Adilabad was dealing with a number of consumer cases in which Laxmi Mutyala, Kinnaka Bujang Rao and Kinnaka Sombai, Gurundla Madunakka and Gurundla Pochanna, their relatives died of electrocution.

Complaints lodged by Kinnaka Bujang Rao and Kinnaka Sombai have been dropped.

The complainants said the victims, Mutyala Guruvaiah and Gurundla Vijay Kumar, had been electrocuted for cutting electrical cables.

When Laxmi Mutyala, a resident of Ellaram village, reported that her husband Mutyala Guruvaiah, 47, was fishing in the canal of Patha Yellaram village, a live electric cable broke and fell, resulting in her death from electrocution. Other complainants Gurundla Madunakka and Gurundla Pochanna said their son Gurundla Vijay Kumar was working in a farm when he was accidentally exposed to a power line and died of electrocution.

The complainants said the negligence of the TSNPDCL resulted in the death of the caregivers. This also brought problems and emotional turmoil to families.

For their part, the TSNPDCL on the death of Mr. Guruvaiah said the victim had illegally supplied electricity from landfills. It is said that the insulated wire was inserted into the river, and he died when the electricity went into the water.

In the case of the death of Vijay Kumar, the TSNPDCL said no power cord was broken. Instead, all the ropes were tight.

“The said wire was erected by the deceased because he provided solar fences through batteries and solar panels to his farm to kill animals entering his fields. “The wire does not belong to the opposition party department and was donated to the wire mentioned by the department … however, the deceased set up a solar fence in his field,” he said.

In a hearing on the case of Guruvaiah’s death, the council said keeping the power cords and the work of the TSNPDCL to prevent injuries or deaths. It further alleged that Guruvaiah’s relatives submitted an unresolved legal document, showing indifference on their part.

The commission found that in the wake of Madunakka’s death, “death could not have been the result of power batteries in this case.

The council ordered l 5 lakh as compensation for each item and ordered a price of ₹ 2,000.


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