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Parimala Ananth on her project ‘Pari Cares’


She is on a mission to deliver baked cakes to the home of poor children

Parimala Ananth was trapped between work and home and had no time for silence. “We were all in our own homes. I started cooking a lot during my break. One day I baked an extra cup of coffee and was on my way to a friend’s house. On the way he saw a group of street children. I pulled over and pulled out the cookies. The way the children showed their happiness made a deep impression on me. ”

Parimala arrived at her home near South Bengaluru. “I spoke to the authorities and wrote down the names of the children who had their birthdays in the coming months. I made cakes on their birthday. ”

She started with 30 children initially, and has now reached 150 children. She wants to reach more children. “It’s a small business, not a business. “What started as a small social movement grew into a small group called Paris Cares. Gradually my friends also began to associate their wealth with their wealth. It was then that I realized that goodness is everywhere, and people are eager to help others. ”

This year Pari Cares also visited the children of Anantha Marge and Deepa Academy with Deepavali sweets and crackers. “I do not deviate from my course, but I share what I have with the needy. As a result, I find peace and contentment. ”

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