Several mobile phone companies have announced the release of the standard version of Android 12. There are many new features, which include a lot of advanced features including a new UI design. One of the great features of Android 12 is the “Dynamic Themes” feature. This selects the colors on the images and applies them to the machine UI and software applications. According to a report by Mishaal Rahman of XDA Developers, the format is called “monet” and is only available to Pixel users. But the good news is that powerful headlines are expected to be released for some Android phones as well.

It’s a lot of fun. The code from Monet (Android 12 graphics) is released with Android 12L, but based on the changes to the Material Components library code, the OEMs group is said to be using a variety of color rendering.

Powerful head support is available in 15+ languages
He also said he was looking at the Google Material Components library called “Add Powerful Product List”. The code says this will be available on devices from brands such as Oppo, Realme, OnePlus, Vivo, Xiaomi, Motorola, itel, Tecno Mobiles, Infinix, HMD Global, Sharp, Sony, TCL, Lenovo, Google and Roboelectric.

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Samsung was missing from the list
Obviously, Samsung was missing from the list. According to the report, Samsung’s One UI 4 beta, which was launched on Android 12, includes Dynamic Color features. It is expected that more smartphone makers will be added to the list soon. It is also possible that Samsung does not use the Google system. In addition, manufacturers sometimes modify auto-theming algorithms on their devices in such a way that the images used on two different devices show different results.

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Android 12 will be released on tablets early next year
Clearly, Google has recently announced a new update to the Android OS for tablets and major visual devices such as the twisted Android 12L. By adding an “L” to Android 12, Google wants to access “bigger” tools. Google has released Android 12L screens, which allow users to experiment with new windows and optimize existing apps. With Android 12L, Google brings the best UI features to the main window such as notifications, quick changes, locks, screens, home screen, and much more. Machine apps have also been upgraded in Android 12L. Google has confirmed that the first device to come with Android 12L will be the Lenovo P12 Pro. It will be released on Android 12 tablets early next year.


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