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Omicron Variant Alert, Diarrhea Can Be A Sign Of Omicron And Health Instructions With Covid-19


Covid19 Disease: The new Kovid-19 model, the Omicron Variant, has caused a stir around the world. After the arrival of this species, cases of corona become more pronounced. At the same time, the speed at which Omicron cases are increasing, its signals are also changing at the same speed. Now just cough, fever or fatigue are no longer symptoms of Omicron. Now symptoms of diarrhea are also seen in patients with the Omicron Variant. Let us tell you that there is also the possibility of diarrhea as soon as you are exposed to the Omicron brand. Yes, if you have a stomach ache and have diarrhea then it could be a sign that you omicron to be in the hands of. In that case, we will tell you here that if you have diarrhea, then what are the things you should eat.

Eat GourdGourd is an excellent remedy for diarrhea. It is high in fiber and water and is easy to digest. Along with this, they are low in calories and light on the stomach.

drinking plenty of waterIt is very important to avoid dehydration when you have diarrhea, so you should drink more water than usual. In this case you should drink plenty of water. To keep dehydration in your body.

Roasted cumin –If you have diarrhea, you should eat fried cumin. For these, if you want, you can eat them with added black salt, or you can eat them by pouring them over chopped fruit.

Dry ginger – Dried ginger can be very effective in fighting diarrhea, so make a powder by taking 3 grams of dry ginger and red sugar in the same amount and taking it twice a day, it will eliminate the problem of diarrhea.

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Covid-19 Note: Use sanitizer as follows during corona, disease will be prevented

Omicron Variant Alert: Refrigerator, remotely possible Covid-19 housing, protect as follows

Disclaimer: ABP accounts do not guarantee the methods, methods and statements mentioned in this article. Take this as an idea. Before following any medication / diet / diet, consult your doctor.

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