Digital Desk, Patna. Prime Minister Nitish Kumar appeared strong on Monday after the death of a toxic drink in Bihar. He said the government was taking action seriously, it was our responsibility. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture. The Prime Minister said on November 16, we would review in detail how many complaints, the extent of the incident, and the consequences. There is a committee for that.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, the Prime Minister appeared to be embroiled in controversy over his death from alcoholism. Responding to a question on the death of journalists in connection with alcohol use, the prime minister said alcohol was a dangerous practice. He pointed out that those who do business wrong. If someone takes it from him, then all of this will be the result.

He said that on November 16, we would have a meeting with each district. We will review everything in the conference. He made it very clear that whatever he did, he would do it. We are working for the benefit of all. From time to time we talk about how dangerous drinking is. Looking at the opposition parties, the prime minister said the government was acting in our behalf. The critics are just quoting words. Everyone should work together on this. These are not personal matters. It’s everyone’s interest.

The Prime Minister stated that those who do not fulfill their responsibilities will take action. People are being arrested in many places. In the same village some people sell alcohol by making and selling it. How many people have lost their lives. He said that everyone should think that all these things should not be drunk.



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