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“Nawab Malik spoke angrily but his assertion is strong,” said Sanjay Raut

Mumbai: Shiv’s leader Sena Sanjay Raut on Wednesday defended the attacks on BJP leaders and Maharashtra state minister Nawab Malik and said he was outraged. Sanjay Raut said, “Malik is very angry and that is why he has made serious allegations. These allegations are strong.

Earlier, Malik accused BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis of cracking down on money laundering and bribery. “Demon-destruction took place in the country on November 8, 2016, counterfeit notes were seized across the country, but until October 8, 2017, not a single case of fake notes was discovered in Maharashtra when a fake note game was taking place. Aided by Fadnavis,” he said.

On Tuesday, Devendra Fadnavis also accused Malik and his family of plotting to sue two people arrested in the 1993 explosion. Fadnavis claimed that Malik’s company bought land from defendants in Mumbai in 1993. The country is affiliated with Dawood Ibrahim . However Malik has denied this.

Maharashtra BJP government president Chandrakant Patil recently said Malik himself was digging his grave. Asked about this, Raut said, “It is the BJP that will fall into its dug grave. Without the assistance of the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate, the party would have been buried so far.


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