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Myths of mens mental health and reality in Hindi pra


Myths About Mens Mental Health And Reality Both men and women experience depression, anxiety, depression. Compared to women, men avoid telling others about their emotional state. Men are not able to speak freely because of their emotions and stress because even today it is like a disgusting thing in public. Only health According to this, during the Corona epidemic, such emotional issues are seen in both men and women, where they often faint inside and avoid sharing their problems with others. Many men who suffer from depression and depression have been tempted to take their own life instead of sharing their grief. In such cases, the problem of men’s mental health has now become a global issue in which the myths and realities of men’s mental health are discussed. Here we are talking about other such stories given to men when the truth is different.

Some myths and facts about men’s health

1.men care at all

From infancy, men are taught that girls cry and not boys. When the truth is different. Real crying is a mental state that works to reduce stress. But if a person does not cry and try to show that he is strong even though he is worried about the environment, then he is always feeling pressure from the inside and he is still restless. In that case, it would be wise for him to express his feelings elsewhere and to get some meditation aid.

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2.men have no mind

Like any man, a man can have emotions. It is not a sign of weakness from anywhere. Psychologists and physicians recommend a natural state of mind. In this case, men are also free to express their opinions and share their feelings.

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3.There is no need to comment

There is a widespread belief in men that men do not need psychological help but this is not the case. Men also need psychological help. By doing this, a person does not feel alone and can feel better.

4.men get very angry

Anger is a strange thing for everyone. If a person is mentally disturbed and cannot express himself or herself mentally, then everyone can be upset. So whether it be male or female.

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