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शेरे बाजार में बिकवाली का भिबाण है. इस बिकवाली का आसर पर भी पाद रहा है Filatex India Limited. বিতি ক্র্তা ক্র্দাক কো BSE ইক্দাক প্র্যা শের্র 8 প্র্ক তিক্ত ক্রাক গেলাক গেযাযায়়ি. During trading, the price reached 85 rupees, which is the 52-month low. अंत में शारे का भाव 85.45 रूपी है, यह अक दिन पुलेख को है को है को है को है की को है. The company’s market cap is 1,892.77 crore rupees.

This decline in Filatex India’s share came at the same time when the company split its stock. Please note that the board of directors of Filatex India has set a record date of 28 December 2022 for the stock split. This small-cap company’s stock split has an ex-date of 27 December 2022.

Filatex will split India’s shares in a 1:2 ratio. The company’s board of directors informed about the split in a meeting held on November 8, 2022.

Filatex India’s share has given multibagger returns in the last few years. Since March 2020, this small-cap stock has increased from approximately ₹18.45 to ₹75.80 per share, which shows a return of up to 300 percent in three years.


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