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Multibagger stock JSW energy share 58 to 345 rupees rising 485 percent in 2021 see more varpat


New Delhi. In the world of marketing there is the term multibagger. Multibagger stock is said to be the most profitable stockbroker in terms of investment value. However, it is important to be aware of such components. According to former Investor Peter Lynch, traders who are able to accurately identify multibagger and keep their money in the long run, their assets will grow rapidly in the coming years.

Today we are talking about the shares of JSW Energy. This product has sent multibaggers back to this year. Stocks acquired over 410% in 2021 (Year-to-Date or YTD). These multibaggers sell for ₹ 345 from about ₹ 58 per unit. The sales have reached more than 485% so far this year.

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You know what happened in the brokerage note?
“It has a strong track record of good management and handling of assets, even though the competition is fierce,” he said. According to the brokerage, this will enable the company to transition from more coal to more green players. JSW Energy is expected to take a decision on reorganizing its green and gray businesses in the next few months.

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Sell ​​what is given in the section
A report from ICICI Securities also states that the company has placed orders for solar modules and wind turbines on its various RE construction projects. It has already started receiving solar modules and installation work is underway. The MoU has also been signed by the Maharashtra Government on a 5GW wind turbine and a 1.5GW hydro pumped storage project.
In that case, we continue to sell the property but increase the value of the property to Rs 150 (initially: Rs 130), ICICI Securities said. We are waiting for the company’s idea of ​​a restructuring. “

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