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Muliki Pulakita Hasvi on his seven-pitched goal


After riding with his daughter to Mount Kilimanjaro, young Muriki Pulakita Hasvi of Hyderabad is working to complete a seven-page competition.

After his girlfriend climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa this year (September 28 to October 9), 13-year-old Muriki Pulakita Hasvi from Hyderabad took himself to the Snickers bar in full swing and brought back the costume as a memento.

Returning to the city after a five-day hike, the happy young man is already doing his next job – climbing Kosciuszko mountain in Australia next year. Hasvi says he found that having chocolate at the convention was the most effective after a three-month ban before boarding. “I love chocolate,” he said, “so being unhappy for three months was a real struggle for me.

Hasvi, a Class IX student at Excellencia Infinitum, is an international skater and badminton player. They were watching Everest (2015) in February this year which prompted him to climb to the top of six. The difficulty of climbing in the film made him want to shoot. She expressed her desire for her parents and began looking for professionals who could help her teach online at an altitude of 5,895 meters. “I didn’t have to do much research,” says Hasvi. My dad had already been trained by Boats and Crampons to be strong. It is a mountaineering company and mountaineering professionals in the world’s most dangerous mountains. “

Before embarking on his studies, he hurried to the Everest camp in April when travel restrictions were lifted. As an athlete, he did not have to do much physical exercise, but he had to train his breathing, weigh a few pounds, adjust his diet, and train slowly but surely. Hasvi explains, “As a footballer, I like to run, to walk fast. Mountain climbing is almost a long, slow walk. Stability is the key to climbing. I was put on yoga to rest. I had to stop eating low-energy foods like chocolate. instead I eat foods like carrots and peas. ”

Hasvi’s exercise routine included cycling 30 to 40 miles[30 to 40 km]with heavy backs and ankles; running 200-300 meters and overnight trips for six hours. “Since it was not safe to go anywhere for training, endurance training was the community in which we lived. I walked the mile I wanted and walked at night between 11pm to 5 p.m. My parents took me far away to visit me, ”Hasvi recalls.

As a student, Hasvi loves Biology and Chemistry and his parents made sure he did not miss many classes on the go. He says: “The online classes and the holidays were invaluable.

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