The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency leaked the data of more than 6,000 detainees,
Bandiyon ne apni security ko lekker ekhart ki chinta, ICE ne kaha- galat se leak hua hua dat, investigation ongoing

Washington: The American Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said on Wednesday that more than 6,000 people have been taken into custody because their personal information was inadvertently posted on their website. The information included name, nationality and the detention center where people were kept. According to Human Rights First, इक वकालत गूप ने सोमुर को आस लिक की बात कही टी.

According to Human Rights First, 6,252 people (who have not been identified) have expressed concern about oppression. If the courts refused to stay in the United States of America, the mang was rejected. Eleanor Esar, the senior director of the group for refugee security, said that they are worried that the prisoners or their families may be in danger in their domestic countries. आसर ने कहा, “कुच देखान में लोगों को निशना बाइना जाता है, शारन मांगने के कीलाफ जावाबी कार्या की जाती है.”

ICE has leaked data
To take the entire case, ICE said, “in the process of regular updating” an Excel spreadsheet was posted by mistake. which the agency removed from its website 11 minutes after it was posted. The agency said in a statement, “However, inadvertently, the information is leaked, the policy is violated, and the agency investigates the incident. The agency has all the necessary corrective actions to do.” ICE said that the inmates or their lawyers were told about the leak.

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