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Misuse of the toilet can cause constipation and can cause piles of blood pressure on the buttocks of fistula cancer dlpg


New Delhi. When someone is asked how do you go to the toilet? Do you know how to use the toilet properly? Or if you have been told that you have such a disease, then you do not know the correct way to use the toilet and you need to learn this, then they will not be surprised but will think of the person who asks the idiot and will say it again. that there is no proper way to go to the toilet. Is there a connection between the disease and the way we use the toilet? So it should be noted here that if you do not go to the toilet properly then you are calling the disease and these diseases are not mild but dangerous and painful.

SM Yoga Research Institute and Naturopathy Hospital India Author and Founder and CEO of Shanti Marg The Yogashram America Yoga Guru Dr. Balmukund Shastri It is said that modern life gives many diseases to people, but more and more diseases are being called into the body because of poor work habits on a regular basis as they follow their daily routine. Using a toilet or toilet is one of them. Speaking of India, two types of toilets are used here. One Indian or squatting toilet is a western one for example English commode toilet, but due to poor use of both toilets, the problem of constipation becomes obvious to most people. Today, a third of the third group suffers from constipation or diarrhea.

Dr. Balmukund says the right way to go to the toilet is the right way, which is already used in India. In doing so, the arteries of our body open from head to toe, and there is pressure on the abdomen, which is why the movement is so smooth. Along with this, the intestines and spinal cord come into its proper position. The excrement of the manure is good and should not be forced too much, although now people make many mistakes in using it. When we talk about western toilet or commode, then the problem of constipation is much bigger than in an Indian toilet. And sitting on it, the spine and intestines do not remain in their correct motion, there is no pressure on the abdomen, which is why it should be used extensively during exercise and many gastrointestinal disorders come out along with constipation.

What diseases can be caused by constipation?

Dr. Balmukund Shastri says the problem of constipation is serious because of the lack of a proper toilet system. It has been observed many times that even though Indian toilet users use a commode, their stomachs are not removed. The problem of pain, blood in the stool, swelling near the anus, and so on start in this process due to overuse. As a result of constipation for several days in a row, complications of tumors or tumors, anal fistula or fistula, anal fissure, anal cancer, proctitis rise very quickly in humans. Because of the high levels of dirt in the stomach, poor digestion can lead to stomach ulcers, health problems such as diabetes and others. Many bacteria can also grow in the gut. Significantly, as a result of chronic constipation, there is also a problem with high blood pressure.

toilet time
Dr. he says since the commodes in the toilets, the time people spend in toilets has grown. During this time, people go to the bathroom by telephone or newspaper, because they stay there for half an hour or more. When at least one minute to 15 minutes should be in the toilet. Shorter and longer duration than this is harmful. After a long time, bacteria enter the body.

This is a good way to live in toilets in India and the West
commode chairs– Dr. Balmukund says that whenever we use Western for example commode, the correct approach is to keep the footprint underfoot. The pedal should be very high so that you can be comfortable on the commode with your feet above it and your knees should be slightly curved instead of straight down. After doing this, hold the elbows on the knees and keep the palms of the palms on the chin. This will not only remove the movement and there will be no problem with constipation.

In the past, when sitting in the toilet, he would often put his hand on her chin. This was because in the human body there are nadis 72,000, some of which have the power to force on the chin. In that case, when hand pressure is applied, then this nadis becomes active and the outpouring of the foot is done smoothly and easily.

How to live in an Indian toiletOn the other hand, if we talk about the Indian toilet where people live in squat, it is true, but at this point people move a lot of hands. At the same time all the elbows should be kept on the knees and the hands should be under the chin, so that the pressure remains. However, after sitting in these toilets for a long time, people are very heavy on the heels, which is why there are so many problems. When it should be the person should maintain the same body weight on both toes and heel. Along with this, people begin to force in the toilet if the stomach is not clean, which leads to infection.

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