Chef Joacim Ramirez from Puebla sells real embedded embanadas as well as sweet tacos with freshly made, burning sauce.

After Chef Joacim Ramirez fled, he called his mother. She immediately went to the market, along with her son on video to pick up a guajillo chilli and a list of other essential items for dinner, including Achiote’s hot porridge and bags of masa spice powder. Then came the difficult part of the project: They needed to know how to send the project from their home in Puebla, Mexico, to Chennai.

At Tinga, the newly opened city, Chef Joacim laughs at his relentless pursuit of authentic Mexican ingredients. In an effort to keep prices down, in the tradition of ancient Mexican taquerias, he and his associates link a strong bond between economics and ambition.

Annie Gali was arrested by Mexico, while on vacation there. Gero Francis runs Aqualum tour in Tulum, a Mexican town on the Caribbean coast in the Yucatán Peninsula, famous for its beaches and the amazing ruins of the ancient Mayan port city. “We liked to sit in these little places and eat tacos, the sauce dripping down our noses,” laughs Annie, passing through the counter with ease to help customers in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. He added, “That’s why our tag line – confusing if done right!”

Chef Joachil, Annie and Gero.

Explaining that he was determined not to spoil the spice, Giro says he spent four months making recipes with Chef Joacim, finding out what could be used, and writing what was to be exported, and opening up more. pears. Chef Joacim nods: “Indian pears – not the same as Mexican pears.” However, they remained in the military. “We paid for the extra supplies, and Chef Joacim came up with the first ingredients from Puebla,” says Giro, adding, “Then his mother sent him a second lot.”

Shopping chains are now in full swing, in the aftermath of the plague, looting their food, and peppers and spices. Together with Chef Saravanan, a former owner of The Park hotel, the team began setting up a central kitchen in Porur, making a signature of Tinga’s new sauces, ready to take on a tour of the city. Then, a few days ago, they launched their own marketing strategy on TTK Road, and even though it is small – sorry-I-put-my-neck-in-empanada degree – it has been full of active customers ever since.

It seems immediately clear: Chef Joacim prepares the dish with fried plantain balls in a thick tomato sauce, which is a perfect complement to the sweet and savory notes. Then bring hot cassava balls covered with cheese, and empanada made of hibiscus. (Sun-dried chickens give the flowers a nice appearance.) The fried chicken that follows has a rim around it, and it offers mayonnaise and chiffonade with roasted onions.

Menu from Mexico: Chennai has found its first taqueria

Discussing what drew him to India, Chef Joacim, who works with Gero at Aqua Lim, said he was impressed by the idea of ​​launching Chennai’s first taqueria. “Mexican food has a very good taste, and I want the Indians to taste it just like they make at home,” he said, running a chicken tacos on the table. Hailing from his hometown of Puebla, it is small, rich in smoked salmon, oregano, thyme and other spices.

The group brings a bunch of sauces that include black mayonnaise and roasted peppers, green jalapeno dressing and extra herbs for salsa macha, garlic and guajillo chillies.

There is a special caution: The inboxes come with detailed instructions on how to eat anything and a QR code that takes you to the Chef playlist so you can track the right goal behind the nachos. They are a lot of packaging, and they need to find ways to reduce frills and plastics to make them more environmentally friendly.

Tinga food is a favorite of fresh soups.

Tinga food is a favorite of fresh soups.

Eat at Tinga if you can: nothing beats tacos from the kitchen. Especially after months of closure and removal. Sure it’s a little squeezing, but on the light side, you can finish your meal with hot churros from the pan: Delicious, soft and sticky with warm chocolate.

Tinga is in Old No. 253, New, 316, TT Krishnamachari Road, Alwarpet. Call 9962203203


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