Pakistan, who have not won a match in the Super 12 rounds of the T20 World Cup in the UAE and Oman, were eliminated after losing to Australia in the semi-finals. So far, the team’s mentor Matthew Hayden said the Pakistani players were heartbroken after losing five wickets to the Kangaroos in the T20 World Cup semifinals, but the living room atmosphere of the opening game and the match against India was. Very different. The team’s coach Vernon Philander has said that in the game against Australia, the pressure of the big game looks good on the players.

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Pakistan won all their matches in the semi-finals, but lost to Australia, with Matthew Wade scoring six goals in a row in the 19th to give the team a stunning victory. Philander said at the big event there was little peace from the players. He said, “In hindsight, I think it was a bit intimidating to see such a big competition appear later in the stadium. It was the department we looked at that could hurt us. It became expensive for us in the semi-finals.

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Hayden said in an interview with Philander, “I’m not surprised to see players in the dressing room, because this happens when you play with your heart. When you go to play with expectations and for some reason the results are not good, how does it break your heart? The players were very disappointed. “Hayden was appointed as the T20 champion coach. Hayden said he saw a very different Pakistani team in a spectacular victory against India. The former Australian opener said, “Looking at the first game against India and as a foreigner, the dressing room was completely different, the players looked calm, very relaxed, calm. It was a great competition.”


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