Mumbai: Actor Sanjay Gagnani of the TV show ‘Kundali Bhagya’ will tie the knot with actors Poonam Preet. Poonam Preet is famous for his role in the TV program “Naamkaran”. They have all shown their love for one another. The pair have been spotted by their fans sharing their photos and videos on social media. On her birthday, the actress shared photos and videos of Poonam Preet kissing and kissing on Instagram.

According to a Telechakkar.com report, the two are getting married soon. Both have openly described their love life. The couple got married on 18 February 2018. Now the wedding ceremony will take place in Delhi. Sanjay Gagnani and his friend Poonam Preet will probably make a point later this month. It is expected that the couple will get married this month on November 26, 2021, but the couple have not yet commented on their marriage.

The ‘Kundali Bhagya’ actor celebrated his birthday on September 24, when he posted a video and several photos with his girlfriend. He was seen hugging and kissing on the pictures. Sharing what the actor wrote on Instagram, Poonam wrote that if the words could have expressed my feelings for you, I would have explored the whole world, but it is not possible.

He also wrote, ‘That is why all I say is -‘ I love you. ‘ Happy birthday my dear Sajju, my friend Sanjay Gagnani you are the best. To date all the details related to the couple’s wedding, such as the location of the wedding, dress and grooming, have not been disclosed. Let’s look at a couple who are likely to be married soon.

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Prior to the engagement, Sanjay had mentioned in a conversation how the relationship works. He says: “Communication is a vital part of a healthy relationship. When you come from the same companies, there is always more to discuss. Sharing ideas, helping each other, criticizing, praising, discussing company issues, all help build a better understanding.

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