Dosa pa Iron Tawa: Dosa may be a South Indian dish, but today you will eat dosa in all cities. Some people like to eat breakfast and lunch. Crispy Spicy Dosa is very tasty to eat. This is quite healthy. However, some people find it very difficult to make a dosa as a home market. Most people have a metal frame that things like dosa or cheela stick. Today we tell you how to make a crispy dosa as a market on a metal griddle at home. You should follow these instructions.

1- If you want to make a dock on a metal plate, first clean the pan thoroughly. No oil or dirt sticking to the pan.
2- Now reduce air and heat the pan and add one tablespoon of oil. When light smoke starts to come out of the pan, turn off the air.
3- In this way your scale will be made on a metal plate as it is made on a non stick.
4- Now let the pan cool down. While making the dosa, again over low heat, heat the oil in a pan and heat a little.
5- Now clean all the oil by wiping it with a paper towel or damp cloth.
6- Pour water on the tawa and your tawa is ready to make dosa.
7- If you find it difficult to turn the scale, first soak it in some water while turning the dose. With this, the dosa will turn easily.
8- You can grease a pan by dipping half of the chopped onion in oil. This will make your dosa very difficult.
9- If your dosa is still sticky, sprinkle the flour on the pan and wash well.
10- If you are making a dock on a non-stick pan, heat the pan once, then cool thoroughly and make a dock. With this, the scale will spread very thin and will also be shiny.

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