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Kerala government. Unisex school uniform wins laurel


The 106-year-old co-operative learning center set up by Government Lower Primary School in Valayanchirangara in Ernakulam district has also shown interest in ongoing discussions in the state to ensure gender equality and education.

V. Sivankutty, a TV presenter, in support of the Gender Equality Campaign, recalled that Valayanchirangara State Primary School set a precedent by launching a unisex uniform in 2019. on gender equality in education and more, ”he said. .

Hinduism he was carrying a school report impartial uniform and progressive ideas in 2019.

Raji C., a former head teacher, said a non-gender uniform was introduced for children in the pre-primary phase as a test in 2018. phase one. The girls were delighted, as their skirts were replaced with knee-length shorts so that they could easily move and break the mindset of wearing skirts, “she added.

Benoy Peter, former president of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and director of the Center for Migration and Inclusive Development, said the school has always been at the forefront of disseminating examples of gender equality in the school. “We had found brochures with pictures of dad cooking snacks instead of the regular picture of a mother fixing children. It also included photos of various children with disabilities whose purpose was to spread the message of inclusion among those affected, “he said.

Ms Raji said the school logo had a picture of a girl and a boy as one way to promote gender equality. “We also established a socioeconomic survey in which students of the Master of Social Work at Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady, were invited to the school to test the skills and abilities of our children,” he added.

Officials at the school also said that parents also agreed with their actions regarding gender.

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