Mumbai: Kamya Punjabi often shares his competing ideas for ‘Bigg Boss 15’ on social media. On Sunday, November 7, Kamya Punjabi raised questions on Rakesh Bapat and Neha Bhasin wild cards. He also criticized the producers of the show for favoring Shamita Shetty. Let us know that Kamya took part in the ‘Bigg Boss 7’.

Last week, Rakesh Bapat and Neha Bhasin were spotted at the show. They all have wild entries in the show. In the past, Rajiv Adatia, who knows Shamita well and is an old friend.

Kamya Punjabi was seen as a competitor in ‘Bigg Boss 7’. (Twitter @ iamkamyapunjabi)

On Sunday, Kamya tweeted, ‘I just started watching the’ Bigg Boss 15 ‘program last night. Why? Why did he do so? Why was a friend and girlfriend sent to the show? Mistakes are happening with all the other competitors.

Many Twitter users seemed to agree with what Kamya said. One user said, ‘True! Colors TV Please give away a cup to Shamita Shetty and stop this nonsense! I hope Salman Khan has said something good about this! ‘

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There were wild entrances in Shefali Jariwala ‘Bigg Boss 13’. (Twitter @@ shefalijariwala)

read the kidneys: BB 15: Rakeysh Bapat-Neha Bhasin entered the wild cards, Shamita Shetty could not hold back her tears when she saw them both.

Shefali Jariwala also wrote about how the makers treat Shamita, ‘How you got permission to talk about what happened outside the house! I also had an abusive card and it was forbidden to do so. Bb15 has no rules! what’s going on Do I feel biased?

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