Surya Grahan 2021 India Day and Time: Eclipses are considered to be one of the most important aspects of astrology. The solar eclipse will be repeated. Tell us when the last eclipse of the year takes place.

Kadamsana of Lunar 2021, Chandra Grahan
The last eclipse of the year will take place on November 19, 2021. This eclipse is considered important. The last eclipse of the year will take place in Taurus. The eclipse is considered to be a small eclipse. After the eclipse, there will be a solar eclipse.

A major celestial event will take place on this November, all zodiac signs will be affected

Solar Eclipse 2021
According to Panchang, the solar eclipse will occur on December 04, 2021. Today is the day of the new Krishna Paksha month of Margasish. The effects of the last eclipse of the year will be most noticeable in Antarctica, South Africa, the South Atlantic, Australia and South America. Eclipses are considered to be the most important astronomical event under astronomy. When a solar eclipse occurs, it affects all zodiac signs along with the rest of the world. The solar eclipse affects all zodiac signs including Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer.

Sutak time in the eclipse
A solar eclipse will occur on December 4. Due to this Sutak law is not followed. But sometimes, experts advise caution. Due to the lack of Sutak time, Sutak rules are not followed. Sutak law should be obeyed only if there is a complete eclipse. According to tradition, the Sutak period begins 12 hours before the eclipse begins. The doors of the temples are closed during Sutak. No good work is being done at this time.

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