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‘It was a surprise for Rizwan to return from the ICU to the semi-finals’ – the Indian doctor who treated Mohammad Rizwan before reaching the T20 World Cup semi-final was surprised by his recovery.


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Indian doctor who treated Mohammad Rizwan before the T20 World Cup was surprised by his recovery

Indian doctors were surprised by the speedy recovery of Pakistani midfielder Mohammad Rizwan and playing in the semi-finals. Who helped Rizwan. Because while he was receiving treatment at the ICU, the player said I should play and be with the team. His invincible spirit and courage are remembered.

Pakistan’s top striker, who did well against the Australian team in the second semi-final of the ICC T20 World Cup, was battling a chest infection. Later, she joined the team after receiving treatment at the ICU for two nights.

Rizwan’s dream was to play for his country in the most important games. He was full of confidence. Dr. Sahir Sanalbadin, a pulmonary specialist at Medior Hospital in Dubai, states: “I am amazed that he is so quick to recover.

Rizwan was admitted to the emergency department at Medior Hospital on November 9 at 12.30pm with a chest infection. He was suffering from malaria, persistent cough, and tuberculosis. Immediately a team of doctors began to help her and give her painkillers.

Dr. Sahir said, “His pain at the time of admission was 10/10. So we continued to receive his treatment considering the situation.” An examination revealed that she had a chest infection. Later, the medical team transferred the 29-year-old cricketer to the ICU and checked his condition.

During the treatment, Rizwan faced many challenges. Dr. “Rizwan had a very serious illness,” says Sahir. It seemed impossible for him to recover and stay strong before the semi-finals. It usually takes 5-7 days to recover.

However, the cricketer was sick. But she showed an unselfish desire. “He still had faith in God to play in the semi-finals,” said the doctor.

Rizwan showed significant improvement after two nights of hospital stay in the ICU. The doctor believes that there are many other factors that have contributed to her recovery.

Dr. Sahir says that Rizwan was positive, courageous, and self-reliant during his illness. His fitness and stamina as a player helped him recover quickly. He remained in the ICU for 35 hours. After that, Rizwan was released from hospital on Wednesday under the supervision of a team of doctors.

Everyone was happy with the cricket player’s recovery. Team officials regularly communicated with the medical team.

According to Drs. Sahir, “During the game, we have been seeing players come in with injuries. But this was the first time that players with this serious condition had recovered quickly. Rizwan hit big six. If we did, we would all be happy.”

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Rizwan thanked the doctor and his team for their help and care. Along with this, he was also given a signed jersey.

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