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Chanakya Niti

A happy life is everyone’s dream. Everyone wants to get rid of the sad shadow in their life at all. Let every moment be full of joy. In real life, this human reasoning is purely imaginary because in real life happiness and sorrow are two sides of the same coin. If there is happiness in life then there will be sorrow and if there is sorrow then happiness will also come. Acharya Chanakya has developed important ideas and concepts related to this wonderful life. These ideas are relevant even today. Acharya will explore one of these Chanakya ideas. According to Chanakya, one has to be very careful with certain things.

Chanakya Niti: Man do not give up on this thing, unless you have done well.

One should always stay away from people who have three kinds of nature.

false friend

Chanakya Niti says great care should be taken when making friends. According to Chanakya, a true friend is the one who stands by his side when things go wrong. Provide practical advice when needed. Let your grief be like your grief, these are the signs of a true friend. Do not make such a person your friend who gives false, misleading advice to you and thinks deeply about his selfishness and preferences. According to Chanakya, such a friend could also injure himself later. So you have to stay away from them.

bad woman

Chanakya Niti says a woman should be competent and help the man succeed. A man whose wife is capable and capable, finds only heaven on earth. On the other hand, if a wife is unfaithful, neglecting her duties and acting improperly, then the man should be careful with her. According to Chanakya, the woman suffered as a result of death.

false slave

Chanakya Niti says the minister should be faithful. A slave who is always ready to deceive his master and exploits his master’s generosity should be careful with his slave. Such a slave can get into trouble at any time.

Chanakya Niti: People should not compare this thing with others, life will be hard to live


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