Nagaur. अब अपने अपने गार या दुक्षा आदी की बिल्जी की शवाट से अपने मुबिल फोन के में हैन है. अगर आप बिजिली बंड करना भुल गे हैन, तो बस मोबील उत्तीया अवर स्विची बंद कर दीजीये. अध्या में भाली ही अतपता लागे, अधिक राजस्थान के एक चाटर ने आसिय उनोखा करनामा कर डिया है. This student has built a censored switch, which only needs to be commanded via the Internet and you can turn off the lights of your home from your mobile, even if you are sitting in any corner of the country. अब सोची एस इनोवास के के केन्टी गैडे होंगे!

Ashok Didel, a resident of Nagaur village and a brilliant student from his childhood, told me, ‘I used to be shocked when I saw the light system in the house, because I used to notice the habit of not turning off the light before going out and going out. The idea of ​​making a smart mode switch has come.’ Ashok also told me that it took only two months for him to make this switch. It can also be operated on your mobile phone through internet. मोबील फोन पर आप वूएस कम्डान या तुच की मादद से आप ईसे ​​करेंट हैन है.

This smart switch is best used in homes, offices, and other places. साथ ही यह स्विच्च बोर्ड गार मे होने वाली हैबले पर मुज्ञार है. Every lighting device used in the house can be controlled by this smart switch mode. This switch can also be used in road lights, malls, hospitals and factories.

This smart mode switch can currently be controlled by voice commands via Google Alexa, touch switches and IR remotes. Smart switch mode will be created. Ashok ने पुष्टा की वह ज़्ड ही यैसे पाटेट की कवायद भी करने वाले हैन. Ashok has claimed that it is his own. आशोक के पिता राम्लाल डिडेल में अर्मी में दे चके हैन. If you want to help Ashok with this innovation in some way, you can contact his father’s mobile number 8875075851.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 23, 2022, 16:32 IST


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