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Imran’s government fell to the ground under duress! Indian wheat will reach Kabul via Pakistan

New Delhi. India has done very well ahead of Afghanistan. Instead, the Imran government of Pakistan had to bow to the pressure of the Indian government. According to Pakistani media reports, the Imran Khan government has agreed to allow Indian wheat to reach Afghanistan by road. According to Pakistani media reports, Imran Khan has confirmed that he has considered the request of Taliban envoys to Pakistan.

Pakistani journalists also quoted Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, in an interview with Amir Khan Muttaki, a foreign minister in the Taliban-led Afghan government, saying Pakistan’s Islamic state was using it to “help” people for “unusual reasons” at the request of the Taliban government. . He will take into account the requests for grain shipments made by India across the country.

What is happening in Afghanistan is very serious, people there are going to face a shortage of wheat in the coming days. The Indian government is ready to help the people of Afghanistan for humanitarian reasons, to prevent famine in Afghanistan and to avoid the civil war as it is there, but Pakistan, which spreads fears around the world, did not like it. Let us tell you that Pakistan has not only banned the use of its airline by India, but has also banned the use of its route so that the people of Afghanistan do not have easy access from India.

Recently, in a regional discussion on Afghanistan’s crisis in the capital city of New Delhi, India re-emphasized the provision of uninterrupted aid to Afghanistan. Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said on Thursday that there was an urgent need for help for Afghan people, although he also mentioned the problems they were facing due to the lack of access to Afghanistan. The National Security Advisors (NSA) of India, Russia, Iran and the five Central Asian countries, which took part in the regional dialogue on the Afghanistan crisis, on Wednesday called for an immediate, direct and indirect assistance to Afghanistan.


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