Flomic Global Logistics: There are many such companies in the stock market whose assets have made investors rich. Some of these include the purchase price. One such investment comes from Flomic Global Logistics. Two years ago the goods were worth 0.35 paise, which is now Rs 143.25 per item. It has increased 409 times in the last two years or so. If we look at the amount of lakh rupees, then this product has made crorepati in a year.

Flomic Global Stock Graph Image: The average price of BSE shares on 28 March 2019 was 0.35 US Dollars. It has now reached the level of Rs 143.25 per share. As a result, depositors have returned about 40,830 percent. The share price has gone up from Rs 7.62 to Rs 143.25 in the last six months. This is an increase of about 1,780 percent.

At the same time, by 2021, the stock has reached Rs 143.25 from the level of Rs 1.95. The company has offered a refund of about 7,245 percent to its owners. In the past one year, Flomik Global Logistics’ share price has risen from Rs 1.22 to Rs 143.25. This is an increase of about 11,640 percent.

Consider the following: If we look at the quantity, then one lakh rupee has been 18.80 lakh rupees in six months. If the investor had deposited 1 lakh last year, then his investment would have been Rs 1,17 crore. Similarly, if the investor had invested 1 lakh at 0.35 paise per share, then today Rs 4.09 crore would have been made.


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