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India: Mukesh rally led by Reliance Industries Demands Right Holders to Pay Final Feature – Business News India


Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries (RIL) has asked investors to pay by November 29. The company has also provided information to investors on the matter. These are the investors who took 42.26 crore shares of the company in terms of Reliance rights.

How to pay: According to Reliance, payments can be made from November 15 to November 29. With the exception of Check and Demand Draft, it can be paid via Netbanking, UPI and ASBA. Payments made in full will be sent to the depositor’s account within two weeks from the end of the payment period.

Explain that during the free period, Reliance provided 42.26 crore equity with a value of Rs 1,257 per share. At that time the bankers were paying at the beginning of the sessions. It has now been requested to set the second and final payment threshold at a rate of 628.50 per share.

53,125 crore free article: Let us tell you that Reliance paid a total of Rs 53,125 crore. This was the largest free fundraising campaign for any of the world’s largest financial institutions over the past decade. At that time the RIL offered new shares to the existing ones in a ratio of 1:15.

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The last day was until November 10: November 10, 2021 was set for the final payment of those with the least paid shares. When the second payment is made, the less paid shares will be converted into paid shares of Reliance Industries, which are sold in all BSE and NSE markets.

Reliance has also launched a WhatsApp chatbot to help investors save the payment. This chatbot was created by Jio’s Haptik team. It was re-launched during independence in May 2020.

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