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India: Latent View Analytics IPO launches new 338 registration history with Paytm bids – WebSetNet


A new record has been made in the Initial Public Offering (IPO) segment of the Indian market. In fact, the IPO of the data analysis company Latent View Analytics has received a major response. The company was registered 338 times.

With this, the company has also won the IPOs of major companies such as Paras Defense, Paytm. This registration to an IPO means that there is a strong interdependence between the investors in the company. The market price of gray ie GMP has also reached around Rs 300. Understand in simple language, once the company is listed in the retail market, then there will be a profit of up to Rs 300 on the goods.

How many registrations were received: About 338 investors have invested in Latent View Analytics IPO. The share price under the IPO is Rs 190-197. There were a total of 76 shares in the IPO. The cost of one place was about Rs 15,000. The company is raising Rs 600 crore through this.

Paras Defense breaks the record: This is the first time that the issue of two companies has received more than 300 answers. In the past, the IPO of Paras Defense and Space Technology was 304 times registered. At the same time, investors’ savings increased exponentially.

In preparation for the Droom IPO, the company submitted documents to SEBI

Immediately, the IPO of parent company Paytm, which closed two days ago, received a lazy response. This IPO is registered 1.89 times. In terms of money, this is the largest IPO in the country.

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