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Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan

islamabad: پاکیستی من جاب سی يمران کان که هات ستتا گی hai hai, اید دین ونّر اور انکی سہوں پر کہ کہ کہ علیہ لہ ہے ہے ہے ره هین. In this episode, one of the leaders of the PTI is in action. The government of Pakistan has arrested a member of parliament of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party on Sunday for allegedly using abusive and threatening language against senior military officers. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has detained Azam Swati for the second time in two months for tweeting against the military leadership. Before that, the FIA ​​arrested him in the month of October. The FIA ​​has registered an FIR under the Electronic Crime Prevention Act-2016 on the basis of a complaint filed by the technical assistant of the Islamabad Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Center (CCRC), Aneesur Rahman.

accused of tweeting against government officials

In the report, it was said that Swati and other three Twitter accounts – Wolf1AK, हकीकतवी_20, अजादी99 have started a hateful tweeting campaign against state institutions and other senior government officials including retired army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa. है According to the report, Swati tweeted on November 26 that she would speak against a senior military officer on every platform. Similarly, on November 19, a tweet from the account named ‘Azadi99’ was shared in which the army chief was responsible for the country’s disaster, in response to which Swati said – ‘Thank you.’ Similarly, Swati used abusive language in response to another offensive tweet.

বিতি ক্ট্র ক্র্র ক্র্ত্র মান মান ক্রি ক্র্যা

In the first place, it was said that the name of the person who threatened to destroy the tweet was a malicious act so that Pakistan could be harmed. Earlier in October, Swati was arrested for tweets criticizing General Bajwa and released on bail for a week. But Swati had alleged that senior ISI officer Major General Faizal Naseer was arrested during his arrest and searched by his clothes.

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