Home Leaf Care Assistance: People often experience leg pain when running and playing. If your feet hurt for no reason. The reason for this may be many reasons: Some of the symptoms of foot pain are malnutrition, uncomfortable shoes, arthritis, obesity and old age. Making lifestyle changes along with other home remedies can help reduce foot pain.

Hot Water

If the arteries do not move properly, then the legs often become sore, because of this, hot water should be used, this helps to keep the blood flowing or the blood flowing, so you can use hot bags or you can stay in bed. ‘a bucket full of hot water and immersed your feet in it.

epsom salt

Nowadays, in addition to reducing stress, Epsom salt is also used to relieve pain, it is readily available in every medical store, mix Epsom salt with baking soda in warm water and put your feet in it.The muscles will relax and there will be relief. in pain

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vitamin D

Due to the lack of vitamin D, there is pain in the muscles, besides, the bones are also weak, it is advisable to take vitamin D in the morning and evening, except, foods containing vitamin D. It should be included in your diet.

peppermint tea

If you have a peppermint plant, put some leaves in hot water and filter and drink. Apart from this, peppermint tea bags are available on the market today, take them and put them in hot water and then soak your feet, it helps with pain..(Disclaimer: Most of the information provided in this article is based on information. Hindi news18 does not guarantee the same. Before using this information, please consult the relevant expert.)

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