Rishabh Pant has been playing as a full-time wicketkeeper for the team after former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni retired from international cricket. Pant often does something behind the wicket, which is why fans start comparing him to Dhoni. In the T20 World Cup tournament being played in the UAE and Oman, Pant took on Namibia on Monday, which fans began to remember Dhoni. Pant stood in the Dhoni movement on the way to Namibia here, to which fans responded strongly. The video was shared by the International Cricket Council on his Instagram account.

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This happened in the ninth hour of the Namibian innings, when the first ball of Rahul Chahar, Namibian striker Lofty Eaton, took two runs in the back row. There was no player here, so Pant, standing behind the wicket, ran the ball. He grabbed the ball and tossed it directly into the trunks. The exception is that he threw this throw without looking at the wicket. Here Rohit Sharma stood near the stumps to catch the ball. It turns out that fans started saying that Pant reminded Dhoni. Let us tell you – Dhoni is often famous for this game and often does well in releasing the striker.

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Speaking of match results, India won the match on the one hand. Virat Kohli, playing his last game as captain in the T20, won a toss in the match and called on Namibia to bat first. The team managed to score only 132 runs in the overs set due to the good performance of the Indian players. Following that, two Indian defenders Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul re-launched the team by adding 86 wickets for the first wicket. In the end, the team scored 136 runs in over 15.2 and won by 9 wickets. India failed to reach the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup despite winning the match.

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