Love is a feeling like that that happens to everyone once in a lifetime. It is everyone’s desire to find a partner in life who truly loves us. Surprisingly, though, no matter how much we love a person, whether we love him or not, people often do not understand. What is love between a boy and a girl, nothing makes sense. A young couple enjoy spending time together and finding more and more reasons to be together but not to be confused about whether they are dating or not. Love is such a feeling that it can happen to anyone at any age and you never know when the color of the rainbow will come out of your life. Tell us what it is like to be in love and what this love is, how it happens and when it happens. How to know if you have fallen in love.

If the eyes are always looking for him
If there is someone in your life whom you do not see for even one day, then many such things begin to come into your heart, which is why your heart begins to fail. It means you love him. If you are in love then you are always thinking of him. His thoughts will be on your mind at all times. If you can not erase his memories even after the efforts of lakhs, then you are in the hands of someone else’s love.

it is difficult to remove your eyes
There is someone in your life whose life seems meaningless and meaningless. Even if you have met that person once, if you ever want to meet again or try to talk to him for no reason at all, then there is every opportunity to fall in love. People who love each other love to have a close relationship with someone they love.

it affects the mind
If you are happy to see someone else’s happiness, then it shows your friendship. If their laughter brings laughter to your lips, you get angry if something is wrong with them, you also get upset when you see them in trouble, then it shows your strong emotion and strong connection so that you fall in love But possible.

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