Suggestions for Making a Lot of Soft for a Long Time: Everyone loves to eat hot and fresh rotis, but it is not necessary to eat hot rot all the time. People usually make a lottery once and eat it for lunch or dinner. In that case, most people have the problem that the new rotis is soft, but once it cools, it becomes shiny or hard like papaya. In that case, the whole taste of food is ruined. So here we are telling you grandma’s tips, based on what their rotis got soft even after hours. By taking them, your rotis will also be soft and delicious for a long time. Tell us what the advice is.

Make soft rot like this

If you add oil to the dough to make the rotis softer, then you can use ghee instead of oil. Your rotis will remain soft.

When rolling rotis, do not use parathan, ie dry powder. In doing so the rotis will not be soft.

After you have made the rotis, cover it well. Rot can dry out in the air.

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Always make flour by sifting through a sieve. In doing so the rotis will be soft.

Always tread a loaf of soft bread. If you knead the dough too hard, then the rotis will also dry out.

After you have kneaded the dough, if the dough does not feel soft, try with a wet hand and lower the dough evenly.

Once you have kneaded the dough, keep it in a damp cloth for some time. Except to do it. Your rotis will remain soft.

Some people burn many rotis at once by placing them one at a time, do not do this. By doing this, the rotis does not swell and does not become soft. (Disclaimer: The information and information provided in this article is based on information. Hindi news18 does not guarantee the same. Before using this information, please consult the relevant expert.)

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