If you want to hide your WhatsApp message from others and have not been able to detect fraud yet, then this issue is for you. Instant messaging app WhatsApp gives users such an interface in the app. You do not need a third-party app to keep your WhatsApp conversations safe. In that case, today we are giving you more information on how to add WhatsApp account secrets. Here we tell you how to set your fingerprint lock on WhatsApp. The advantage is that the lock can be easily opened. You can use it easily.

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Save your chats as follows
>> First you go to your WhatsApp. On the WhatsApp landing page, you will see three dots on the right hand side, right there.

>> After this you will see other options that will be Preferences. You click on this link.

>> As soon as you type in the preferences, the Account path will come in front of you, when you click.

>> When you click this option, you will see the secret path. Now you click on that.

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>> On passwords, you will see the Fingerprint Blocker below. How to click Open with your finger. You will now be asked to register your fingerprints.

>> Once you have registered your fingers, after that you can set the time of the finger lock as much as you would like.

>> In this you will find three options Immediately, After 1 minute, After 30 minutes

>> You can choose one of these options. If you select the Same option, the lock will be unlocked as soon as the app is closed.

>> When you select the second and third options, the lock will be used according to the time allotted to you.


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