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Homemade Recipes made with chaat masala add flavor to salads and raita preparations in this way pur


Home Made Chat Masala: If spicy chaat masala is added to fresh fruit and salads, it adds flavor to the food. Most people buy ready-made chaat masala at the market and use it in food, but let us tell you that if you prepare your own chaat masala at home, then it tastes better than the chaat masala found outside the market. You can easily prepare chaat masala at home without much effort with the help of special spices found in the kitchen. Chaat masala made at home can be delicious and healthy. You can easily make them with home-made spices such as black salt and amchur powder. Its aroma is so strong that the taste of any dish you sprinkle on top of it will be amazing. The advantage is that you can also save for a long time.

It only takes 2 minutes to make chaat masala and for this you need cumin, black pepper, sanchal, hing, black salt and amchur powder. You can use homemade chaat masala in fruits, salads and raita. Tell us how to make Chaat Masala Healthy and Tasty at home.

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An easy way to make a Homemade Chaat Masala

To make chaat masala, first place cumin seeds in a large non-stick pan and bake over medium heat for one minute.

Now turn it over in a bowl and let it cool for two minutes.

Now add the fried cumin and black pepper to the mixture and make a fine flour.

Now filter the cumin and black pepper powder through a sieve.

Now add the amchur powder, black salt, white salt and asafoetida and mix.

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You can keep it in the fridge for several months.

You can store this chaat masala in an airtight container and store it outside in the kitchen.

You can eat it by placing it on any fruit, salad and raita.

If you want, you can add flavor to each chaat.

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