Poems of Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh Hindi: Born on November 13, 1917 in Sheopur in the state of the King of Madhya Pradesh, Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh is called a bridge between progressive poetry and new poetry. There are many unique images in his poems that are constantly read, another new meaning opens up. Let’s face it – her father was a policeman, so his childhood was good, but he later spent a lot of time fighting. Listen to three Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh poems in the News18 Hindi podcast special – Brahmarakshas, ​​me slowly, yesterday and today

NSI have the illusion that every stone
bright diamond
Life in any chest is difficult
Vimal is eternal in every summary.
I get confused about it in every word
Epic pain

These lines are from Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh. In these lines of poetry, in which the world and its life, its instability and its pain are shaken, the mind is irrelevant to say that there can be no one but Muktibodh. Today in a special podcast of News18 Hindi, we are introduced to the works of this great poet of a difficult time filled with freedom and freedom. Friends, time is short and poetry is long; But it is important. That is why without wasting any time, I begin to recite his poem called Brahmarakshas.

In the ruins of that part of the city
abandoned stepwell
in the cold of winter
Depth of water
many steps on the slope
In that old water …
I can’t understand
as a basis
But let’s get deeper.

around stepwell
Insert was very confused,
He just stopped Audumbar.
and on the branches
Hanging Cradle’s Nest
Leaves left purple.
feeling power
settling in a rich green aroma
floating in the air
great skepticism builds
Uncertainty of some previous success
There was a knock at the door.

On these steps of stepwell
fantastic green nudge
tugar has been
the flower star-white

with him
Red flower buds –
Kanher wanga uyu…
To the dangerous place they call
dark open mouth of stepwell
Zero power of amber.

Empty in the depths of the stepwell
Brahmarakshas and paitha,
And the voice of the words cometh from within,
Hurry up to the crazy words.
critical thinking
physical changes
counter removal
To remove the shadow of sin, day and night
the body is dying
like the palms of the hands,
clapping hands-chest-mouth
very clean,
pa pa
In the meantime !!

and… from the lips
Unique stotra no angry songs,
Or the pure persecution of Sanskrit,
head hills
Bright opposition !!
The flood of unbroken madness….
The spirit is dark !!

But, all right
on the inner wall of
slant anagwa ravi-rashmi
of flying atoms, when
to the ground
Then Brahmarakshas understands that the Sun is
He bowed down and said hello.

forgetting the path when the moonlight
the light beats
somewhere on the wall,
Then Brahmarakshasa understands
Moonlight for Vandana
He is regarded as the great teacher of knowledge.

Very happy Kantkit body-mind the same
he continued to experience even Nabha
Ask Him to accept His greatness !!

and then with double dangerous magic
popular opinion
From Sumerian-Babylonian myths
good vedic songs
And from then until today Sutras, Mantras, Theorem,
to all lovers
to Marx, Engels, Russell, Toenby
that Heidegger and Spengler, Sartre, Gandhi also
of the perfect end of all things
a new lesson he
Bathing Brahmarakshas, ​​Shyam
of the court
Empty in its depth.

…… roared, cried, trembled
Noise rising from the depths, so
in the new era of deceptive words
Every word is opposed to every word,
That look also matched his image
he cried
The noise is against its roots here

On these steps of stepwell
Manohar listens to the green
tugar flower-white stars
their words!
Feel the soft flowers of karonda
Old Odumbar sounds
I feel the same way
written in crazy symbols
that tragedy
What stuck on stepwell.


a very living person
Her steps are black…
They belonged to the inner people.
up and down,
going up and down,
crippled legs
With many wounds on the chest.
the struggle between good and evil
they are also dangerous
between good and evil
little success,
major failure
… extremely perfect
The bitterness is so sweet …
geometric instability
because of the sight of
high morals
Self-pity and hidden behaviors …
… Perfectionism
how easy it was
People’s stories are so good !!

the sun rises
red blood
walking over the walls,
the moon rises
builds on the wound
White line
on fierce spears
the stars spread out in the sky
to the number of decimals
exactly to the decimal point
In confused mathematics
he was put to death, he was made well,
And he is lying…
Chest-arms open
of the purifiers.

Man is like a soft palate,
living in a palace
and only the steps to survive
It was very difficult to climb.
they’re smart
work in harmony
mathematical ladder of equations
We leave it to him.
That idea, ideas and events-related-order-
in research
To all the wise, to all the wise
to take that elder
lost !!

But time changed and a famous businessman came along
… Wealth from lucrative employment,
And from wealth, heart and mind,
And, from a heavy conscience
feathers of truth
He becomes incessant.

self-awareness but this
There was a great deal of inconsistency in humanity.
Vishwachetas Bay-Banav !!
was at a critical level
Sad thoughts!
I would have met him those days
So the pain is self-inflicted
I tell her how important it is
Its important!
and its importance
we use for example,
I tell you the importance of it inside !!

he was crushed inside
And between two strong bridges,
Such a tragedy is a disgrace !!

Himself in stepwell
constantly saying in crazy signs
how is the room
I do my math
and died…
thorns of the thick bush
in tama-vivar
like a dead bird
I just left
The mysterious light fell asleep forever
Why did this happen!
Why did this happen !!
I am Sajal-ur a student of Brahmarakshas
wanting to be
That his unfinished work,
the source of his pain
Fully compatible
I can come

In this poem there is a picture so special that each time it is read, a new meaning opens up, as the light deepens in the darkness. Because of such poetry, Muktibodh is called the bridge between progressive poetry and new poetry. Born on November 13, 1917 in Sheopur in the Madhya Pradesh state, his father Muktibodh was a police officer, so his childhood was spent in the highest esteem. But the last days were to end in a series of wars. Let’s hear his next poem- ​​I slowly

ine step by step
intersection meeting
Stretch out your hands !!

taking one leg
that a hundred roads will be divided
And I want to get through them all
so beautiful
their experiences and their dreams
everything seems real
Unusual instability arises from the heart
I want to get into something deeper
Know what you can get !!

I confuse it in every stone
bright diamond
Life in any chest is difficult
Vimal is eternal in every summary.
I get confused about it in every word
Epic pain
For a while I wanted to go through it all
i want to come from everywhere
This is how I travel and get myself
Life is amazing !!
at risk of being stupid
I carry myself everywhere
and it is very interesting to see
that I have been deceived
in my heart
The happy idiot has been
he cries and laughs, he is drunk
That the world …… becomes self-governing.

Throwing problems into a joke and then creating the power to fight those jokes – I find the unique power of the Muktibodh environment. But it is not the only cry, use and struggle in Muktibodh’s poems. Muktibodh’s vision is also based on environmental change and preserves this change in the best possible way. Introducing the next poem – Yesterday and Today

cruelty until yesterday
he was giving it to you
Desperate Farmer,

so far
washed in the dust
a group of sparrows,

so far
he was stoned
land of rich fields,

so far
The frogs were lying,
Heaven was so sad!

and today
your tent,

and today
Pavas Rani shines
green leafy vegetables,

and today
is on
Clarinet of prawns continuously,

and today
he roared loudly
dance of peacocks,

and today
life came back
Inside the hot veins of the tail,

and today
the summer is just past
Cover your love with lashkar.

Yes friends, in this Muktibodh poem, summer is over after covering his love and it is our time to say goodbye, but we are not saying goodbye to Muktibodh’s poem, by including ourselves, we are all sharing each other. Leaving like a coma. We will meet another manufacturer another time. Grant permission to worship, Namaskar.


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