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Health issues the effects of nail polish on children’s health mt


Nail Polish effects: You have often seen children apply nails to their hands and feet. So sometimes because of their dryness, you probably have nailed them to their nails. This may be a joke for children and you, but did you know that this joke can be detrimental to the health of children? If you do not know, then we will tell you if it is safe to put nails on children’s nails or not.

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In fact, in the process of nail polish remover, hazardous chemicals are widely used. If these babies put their hands in their mouths or chew their nails, then the chemicals in the nail polish are at risk of reaching the stomach through the children’s mouths. As a result, they may be exposed to a host of health problems. What products are used for nail polish and the problems they can cause, tell us.


Hydroquinone can damage the cornea if it comes in contact with the eye. Not only this, exhalation can also cause nasal congestion, sore throat and upper respiratory tract infections.


Formaldehyde chemicals used in nail polish can cause myeloid leukemia, a cancerous growth of bones, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.


Acrylates are also used to make nails. These chemicals can cause many problems with inhalation and skin contact. At the same time, those at risk of methyl methacrylate are at risk for colorectal cancer found in the gut, stomach or intestines.

black air

This carbon black powder is also used in nail polish making. There is a risk of complications related to the lungs as a result of exposure to them.

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To dry quickly after applying nail polish, toluene is used. According to research available on the NCBI, it can lead to neurological problems.(Disclaimer: Most of the information provided in this article is based on public opinion. Hindi news18 does not guarantee the same. Before using this information, please consult the relevant expert.)

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