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He will inspire young people, says Bembem


Oinam Bembem Devi, the first Indian player to be honored by Padma Shri, is keen to use this insight to help young Indian footballers in the country.

“My job did not happen when I received Padma Shri. I will continue to work and help realize the dreams of young people to get Padma Shri. I will encourage them and tell them what I have experienced,” Bembem said.

“Even before he received [Padma Shri], I have been taking responsibility for the game. I will take on more responsibilities and continue to dedicate myself to women’s football, ”she added.

On the right track

Bembem considers the National team, ranked 57th in the world, to be on the right track ahead of the AFC Asian Championship tournament that India is due to hold on January 20. Thomas Denerby’s team will face heavyweights Brazil (FIFA ranking No. 7) , Chile (37), and Venezuela (56) in an international tournament later this month in preparation for an Asian event.

“There are two months left and it all depends on the teacher. From goalkeeper, defenders, midfields and strikers, there is a way to better coordinate. Playing against high and powerful enemies, we will know how they play.

“Losing or winning is another matter in this game. It would be inspiring to play in the same pitch as a person like Marta. Although I said yes, when I get a chance I will try to play with her pictures. Now young players get the opportunity to play and get encouragement, ”he said.

Commenting on India’s chances of advancing to the divisions, the former Indian ambassador said, “We cannot predict in football. Brazil. [men] lost 1-7 at home in the World Cup in Germany. From within our ranks, if we were to fight hard, we would not be able to reach the knockers. ”

The Indian Women’s League (IWL) – has been suspended since February 2020 due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Bembem, who coached the Eastern Sporting Union on the topic in 2017, said, “IWL is very important and should be done on a regular basis. I understand [IWL] will take place in March next year. I urge stakeholders, sponsors and the business community to invest more in women’s soccer as women can also excel in sports. We want more competition in every state and it needs support from donors, “he said.

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