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The tongue will be cut off if the BJP leaders use abusive language: Telangana CM

Hyderabad. Telangana leader K. Chandrashekhar Rao has threatened BJP leaders to cut their tongues if they do not stop using abusive language to criticize them. Rao also said anyone who could ask the Center for answers to some of the questions, the BJP calls it anti-national. Taking a jibe from the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Telangana unit Telangana President B.Sanjay, Rao told reporters Sunday that BJP leaders were talking small things and trying to get politics from farmers.

The prime minister said the government had refused to buy padi for farmers while the government was setting up a shopping mall for farmers. Rao said, “TRS is one of the largest political parties in the country. So far we have tolerated your comments like the barking of dogs. From now on if you talk nonsense, use silly words, then we are taking action. If you continue to speak abusively, cutting off your tongue, beware.

Telangana Judges Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and BJP opponents have been criticizing each other for buying paddy. Responding to a statement by the Prime Minister, B Sanjay, at a press conference on Monday, he described the various payments received by the government and asked Rao to explain what he had done to the farmers. Speaking to reporters on Monday, Prime Minister Rao asked if the BJP would call Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik and MP Varun Gandhi “anti-state” in their talks on farmers.

He stated: “Anyone who asks for answers is being declared an anti-citizen. Keeps two or three steps ready. The first is to wear an anti-national flag. Naxal seal of the second town

Rao was responding to remarks by Telangana BJP chief Sanjay that KCR was anti-national and supported China at the border. He also demanded that Rao resign. Rao said, “Yesterday I said that China is trying to replace us. So can you give me a stamp against the country? If anyone says according to reports that China is taking over our land, then they hate our country.” China is encroaching on Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh and the Center has lost its image.


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