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Harvard University Research on Chewing Gum and Potato Chips, Read Full Story


Hindi Health Tips: In this way, research on biological and health issues is regularly conducted around the world. Some of these are useful to us and some are not. There is a lot of research into this, which is related to our daily life, but we do not know the exact details. When this information comes to us, we do not believe for a while. A similar study was conducted by Harvard University on an estimated 1 lakh 20 thousand people. Many surprising findings were made in this study. Tell us some important things.

1. Chewing gum is beneficial

The study reported that although many people use gum to prevent bad breath and to change their taste, chewing also reduces heartburn. There are many people who suffer from acid reflux (stomach acid enters the digestive tract) and heartburn. If such people chew gum after eating, then they are of great benefit. The advent of acid in their food chain is nearing its end.

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2. Effects of Potato Chips

In this study, the effects of potato chips were also tested. During this time it was found that drinking too much potato chips leads to obesity. The scientists conducting the study found that if the potato chips were eaten for 4 years, then about 1.69 pounds of weight per person during these years.

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3. The Secret of Children’s Tears

After research, scientists say that an infant’s tears do not flow despite crying. The reason for this is that the cracks in the baby’s tears do not grow until one or three months old, so the babies cry out loud.

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