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Password पर हैकर हर सेकेंड में 921 बार करेट है आताइक

Hacker Attack Password: Microsoft (Microsoft) A report said that the number of password attacks at the global level per second has increased to an estimated 921 attacks with an increase of 74 percent in just one year.

37 Arab dangers stopped

From July 2021 to June 2022, the company’s digital security teams stopped 34.7 billion identity threats and 37 billion email threats. According to the ‘Digital Defense Report 2022’, attackers are finding new ways to implement their techniques, increasing the complexity of how and where they host their campaign infrastructure.

In May 2022, more than 10 crore attacks were seen

Attacks against remote management devices are growing, with a five-fold increase in the previous year, and more than 10 million attacks were seen in May 2022. The findings revealed, “In order to reduce overhead and promote the appearance of legitimacy, they compromise commercial networks and devices to host phishing campaigns, malware, or even use their own computing power.” मैनी क्रिप्तोकरेंसी के लिये भी कर रहे हैन.”

Ransomware is the reason

93 percent of Microsoft’s ransomware response to the incident revealed that 93 percent of users had access to privileges and had insufficient control over the subsequent movement. The report says that the most effective defense against ransomware includes multi-factor authentication, frequent security patches and zero trust principles.

Microsoft says it synthesizes 43 trillion signals per day using sophisticated data analytics and AI algorithms to understand digital threats and criminal cyber activity.

600 domain removed

Microsoft has removed more than 10,000 domains used by cybercriminals and 600 domains used by national fraudsters.


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