Google’s Pixel phone will now be the most advanced. Health alerts will be added to the phone, so that the user does not have to use a separate app or smartwatch. Instead, Google claims to be following a heartbeat as well as following a break in the Pixel 6 via the Google Fit app. This was on the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a for a while, and now Pixel 6 users say they can take advantage of it. If reports are to be forgiven, they are in the “Early Access” section, which means that a major release is underway. Also, some Pixel 6 users are complaining about the removal of the Magic Eraser device after modifying the latest photos. It seems that only a handful of people are affected by this when the new release has been suspended.

9to5Google claims that Google Pixel 6 units are now experiencing heart rate and respiratory traction via the Google Fit app. The app uses the phone’s camera to measure heart rate and respiration. Google says it warned that the operation “is not a medical one” and “is being properly monitored and may be eliminated.”

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The report stated that by measuring the heart rate, the results were accurate and similar to those of the Fitbit tracker and Pixel 5 “bright spot”. However, in a dark room, reading was limited to about 30 beats per minute. On Google Fit, Pixel 6 users can see if they have this by going to Browse> Vitals. Two cards will appear at the bottom of the Home tab.

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Users are complaining about removing the magic eraser tool
Also, some Pixel 6 users claim that the magic eraser was removed after a recent update to the Google Photos app. This allows readers to remove unnecessary items from the images. However, according to Android Central, Google Photos app version 5.67 has removed the utility for most Pixel 6 users. The release of these updates is said to have been stopped and those who have not changed their Google Photos app can still use the Magic Eraser tool on their Pixel 6. Google spokesman Alex Moriconi told The Verge that the company has identified a problem with the release of its latest images and will fix them soon.


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