Digital Desk, New Delhi. Google Cloud has announced on Thursday that it has launched the first batch of its computing foundation with a Kubernetes course in collaboration with FutureSkills Prime, an IT ministry and Nasscom digital skilling initiative.

The introductory level course aims to provide participants with experience in cloud computing, cloud basics, big data and machine learning (ML).

The course will provide practical training for various career paths including IT infrastructure, data analytics, cloud native application development (using Google Cloud Skills Boost platform).

Google Cloud said in a statement, after completing the program, the participants will receive a certificate of completion of the course and a skill badge recognized by the industry.

Anil Bhansali, VP of Engineering at Google Cloud and Head of India Development Center, said, Google Cloud Certification will help individuals to validate their cloud expertise, advance their careers and transform businesses with cloud technology.

The course will be offered free of charge to freshers who want to practice their skills on students and emerging technologies in high education institutions.

Keerti Seth, CEO of Nasscom, said, an integrated course, it will not only provide people with an introduction to cloud computing that includes cloud basics, big data and machine learning, but will also give them the option to learn at their own pace.

According to Gartner, cloud technology is becoming the mainstream, in which enterprises are investing more in cloud-based offerings, which requires cloud talent and upskilling.

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system for automating software deployment, scaling and management.

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