Digital Desk, Ahmedabad. The problems of respiratory diseases have increased significantly due to the changes in the weather, the large difference between the temperature of the day and the night, and the effects of smog and fog in most urban areas. आशे में देजुन के बाजार में भी हैल्ले तेज हो गाई है अवर यह मूसौन अमजन की जेब पर भी भारी पाद रहा है. But Medcart, the leading omni-channel retailer of generic drugs, estimates that in this situation, patients with respiratory diseases can save up to 83% on their medical bills by using generic drugs.

According to Medkart’s co-founder Ankur Aggarwal, “Budesonide, formoterol and acibrofilin are included in the commonly used drugs for the treatment of various diseases, which are above common antibiotics and antihistamines.” Because of the changing weather, the cases of respiratory diseases are increasing, so it is a good idea to adopt generic drugs to reduce medical bills. If a patient uses generic drugs of those molecules instead of branded drugs, they can easily save between 50% and 83% on their medical bills.”

Medcart estimates that in the last few months, there has been a 60% increase in the average sales of drugs used to treat respiratory diseases, which is an indication of the increasing impact of the disease. Aggarwal further said that “in Medkart, we believe that the economic situation of the average Indian family will be affected by the excessive increase in the cost of health care. Therefore, we need to change the way we provide our health services.”

अरेना कहा की, है प्रविश्व की की भूर्ष्ट से हुटी है है है हार मुश्वार की की भूर्ण के खुदे से हैटी है अर हमारा अच्चार के अचिक अच्चार के के के लिए ” Medkart has made a positive change in people’s lives by reducing the health care costs of people through generic drugs.


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