Switch Administrator: Any relationship can be long as long as there is love, respect and freedom in it, but sometimes in the name of love or a relationship, we begin to control our loved one. Some people’s behavior has been this way from the beginning, while others have changed as a result of various factors. Authority comes into the relationship even though there is a lack of trust between the man and the woman. In our community, there is a sense of domination of men in our community. However, much has changed with the passage of time. Basically, it is not wrong to control one of your loved ones as long as you do not have a problem with this thing. There is no problem if the culture does not hurt you mentally, emotionally or physically, but if you are feeling stressed, depressed or lacking in freedom because of your partner’s culture then it is wrong. You can understand from these things that your partner does not control you too much.

1- Show low or low- If your partner makes you feel inferior or tries to make fun of you all the time, then it is not good for your relationship. Equality and respect are essential for any relationship to be strong. Your thoughts and ideas should always be respected. If your partner does not do this, then try to change their habit.

2- Sharing is important- Sharing is essential for strong relationships. If your friend spends time with you. If he shares his thoughts and feelings with you, then it is a sign of a good relationship. This strengthens the bonds of love and unity, but if one partner ignores the other for lack of time, then this is not a good time for the relationship.

3- Choose together- Sometimes the governing bodies make all the decisions themselves. Then it can be either male or female. The ruling elite governs themselves in everything, where they go, dress, who they can talk to, who should not do, how they can run life. If you are struggling with this habit, express your thoughts openly. It is not always good to live in harmony with your own way. Try to make decisions by agreeing.

4- They need constant care- There is something else about controlling a partner that such people always care about their loved ones. Such people need constant care. Such individuals are not sensitive to the needs of their fellow man, but are pressuring them to meet their needs.

5- Give your place- If your partner does not respect your privacy then it is wrong. There are some personal things in everyone’s life. Today no one likes to interrupt anything and every activity. Your loved one needs to understand this. It is not good to look at your phone or see anything personal without asking.


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