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Flood season: On long-term response to TN to prevent rainfall problems


The heavy rains continue in Chennai has also revealed the weakness of the city, a a coastal city with a flat surface, to flood, and raised more questions than answers about the Government’s preparedness for the northeast typhoon. The origin of heavy rain 21 cm, especially in the early hours of Sunday (November 7), surprised everyone. Although hurricane-force floods and floodplains flowing about 700 km have been removed in the past four months, no significant change has been observed in the flood crisis. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in December 2015, with Chennai behind the government’s decision to release more water from outside lakes. While the city is struggling to get back to culture, there was frustration in the Bay of Bengal, which crossed the coast near Chennai on Thursday. At the time, the city did not get much rain but several villages such as Tambaram and Red Hills recorded more than 22 inches[22 cm]of rainfall. Nagapattinam, one of the areas behind the Cauvery delta, was struck by 31 cm after falling one day.

A major problem is the drainage problem, either in Chennai or Nagapattinam. In major cities such as Chennai, open spaces, the gap between canal closure and canal lines, old drainage and garbage in the central parts of the city, and entrances or barriers that prevent water from flowing freely. the cause of the confusion. The city is blessed with several rivers such as Cooum and Adyar, with the exception of several canals including Buckingham Canal. The floodwaters, if properly managed, can carry the floodwaters, saving a number of habitats from flooding. The federal government, which is working on a number of interventions to control storm surges, should look for solutions to the city’s long-standing problems and address them in the short term. The government has been quick to provide relief and its seriousness in this regard can be seen in the fact that Prime Minister MK Stalin has visited the areas affected by the ongoing floods since Sunday to report the crisis. Many times in the past, determination was shown as the long-term irrigation system was reduced during the dry season. Mr. Stalin, a former mayor of Chennai and former Minister of Local Administration, is now ready to use what he knows to use and get the city out of the mud. People should also be responsible for ensuring that water wells and canals are not turned into waste.

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