New Delhi. Arun Kumar Rayudu is an Indian athlete from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. She is the winner of the Asian silver medal. He has played for Team India since 2014. He is considered to be one of the best athletes in India and has been the captain of Andhra Pradesh skating since 2017. Arun Kumar Rayudu, a child with asthma, has made a name for himself in the sport due to his courage. and his endurance. Arun Rayudu has been a world champion for the past 14 years and now his goal is to win India his first gold medal in the next Asian match.

Q: Today everyone is racing cricket, so how did the idea of ​​ice skating come to your mind, who inspired you?

Answer: My relationship with skating started at a very young age. My first start in the sport was when I was three years old. I had little idea of ​​the popularity of the game. I had no idea what the game looked like. Speed ​​fascinated me as a child. As I got into my car, I could see the speed limit. This is what inspired me. I asked my parents for permission to play the game. My parents enrolled me in skating school.

Q: Why did you risk playing sports even if you have asthma?

Answer: I’ve had asthma since I was born. I inherited the disease from my grandmother. As a child, I faced many challenges. I could not eat even a little ice cream without a break. Naturally, I consulted with several doctors. A doctor advised me to take part in sports or other activities to gain strength. Having asthma benefits the player. Cold weather is especially difficult for patients with asthma.

Q: What did your family do after joining the game?

Answer: My family has been very supportive. It is because of him that I am interested in this game. Of course, my mother did not encourage me. He wanted me to do coaching somewhere. With this I can stay healthy. Due to the unpredictability of the game, there is a financial problem or support of any kind. The government is also less connected. My family now supports me in every way.

Q: Any stories about you or games you would like to share, that could affect future generations?

Answer: As mentioned earlier, my shoulder was injured in 2018. I had not studied for six months. That was a very bad time for me. There is nothing worse than not doing what you want to do. I love this game so much, the desire to bring glory to this world made me come back. Today I am a professional gymnast.

Q: What kind of sport do you play? What request do you want to make to the government for this sport?

Answer: I am a professional gymnast. This type of skating is actually a workout on wheels. In this, in addition to elevating my partner, I have to do a lot of things. I would like to urge the government that ice skating should be recognized as a sport. Just as some athletes are paid, so a skater should be paid. We need to find the tools to work effectively. In most of the international competitions we do, there are under the boards. Its design- This is very different from what is used in teaching. Sometimes there is a concrete floor here. I urge the Government of India to provide us with appropriate training platforms so that we can be proud of India for doing well around the world.

Q: What is the current state of your country, do you see your future at the lowest level of skating?

Answer: The last time I competed in the world under-19 tournament was in 2017. My ranking was 5. I had an accident in 2018. My right shoulder was broken. I have to admit it was a difficult time for me. But I fought and won a silver medal in the Asian Games 2018. At that time I was number 2 in Asia. In 2019, I was scheduled to take part in the World Championships, but I was also injured. I had planned to return in 2020, but the Asian Games were canceled due to the Kovid-19. This did not happen even in 2021. So in 2021, even though I have my name on the team, I removed my name with a moral code. Now I will take part in the 2022. Asian Games in fact, skating is a minor sport in India because it originated in Europe. But recently its popularity has grown in India. Skating was included in the 19 Asian Games. Now this competition will take place in 2022.

Q: How many medals have you won so far, and how far have you come in skating competitions?

Answer: I have participated in the State, National and International sector. I have participated in five international competitions, three of which were the Asia Championship and two were the World Championship. I have also participated in 14 national and 16 national competitions. At the international level, I won two silver medals and one bronze. Worldwide, I received 14 gold, 16 silver and 13 bronze medals. In the government, I received 24 gold, 15 silver and 14 bronze medals.

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